It was that glance at a huge fashion poster (include brand name) at a shopping mall in my hometown of Orissa that made me think to myself, â??I want to create stuff like that.â?? From that moment on my camera and I have been inseparable. Iâ??m Sourav Mishra a self-taught fashion photographer from Bangalore. I was fortunate to discover my love for photography at the early age of fifteen. Using an SLR camera I took photographs of anything and everything that caught my attention. I still remember the anticipation before getting the films back and having tangible memories of that experience. I began my passion by shooting conceptual photography and experimental self-portraiture to hone my skills. With the digital age of photography evolving alongside me â?? I extended my knowledge and inspiration through social media and online photography communities. My distinctive style and attention to detail has provided me with a wealth of experience in a wide range of photographic disciplines. Be it commercial or high fashion assignments, my specialties include: wedding photography, event photography, fashion and modeling shoots etc. Whenever I shoot, I like to create stories with an underlying sense of narrative, whether this is in my personal work or commercial projects. I am deeply inspired by the works of Manny Libres Librodo and Atul Kasbekar. All of my experiences in life so far have been reflected through my imagery, and continue to shape me personally and as an artist. I am eager to grow as an artist, extend my skills and push my boundaries as a photographer. While photography is where my heart and passion lay, I am a Software Engineer by profession. For samples of my work, take a look at my portfolio https://www.flickr.com/photos/smfotographz/

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