I'm Shawn Coutinho - a Professional Hair & Makeup artist. I have spent 4 years in this wonderful & glamour filled industry and these years have brought me a lot of experience that make me a specialty makeup artist. My specialty is always taking care of the minute details because at the end each detail counts. I have worked on advertising print/fashion, bridal and live event projects, in addition to working with actors and celebrities. Cameras capture even the smallest details and my job is to ensure that the smallest detail is taken care of before it gets captured. This quality along with all the work that I do with models and celebrities ensures that I master all new trends for the coming fashion and wedding seasons. My specialties are an exhaustive list, however to mention a few: fashion, natural, avant-garde and classic makeup - my forte being eye makeup! And to only enhance my makeup work I also am a hairstylist for women and men. Now that skill ranges from current trends to period hair styles. Creative work when expressed in words is difficult to judge â

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