Combination of hot and cool..Im a young, fun loving girl who doesn't believe in love, marriage or relationships such as girlfriend/boyfriend I only believe in friendships and also achieving my goals in life and making myself happy to the fullest that is my main focus. I choose my friends I like to have a couple of good friends im not a girl who would just befriend anyone. I used to give people alot of chances because I know only God is perfect but now i give people a certain amount of chances and if nothing improves without thinking twice they are out of my life. I'm not a snob but life experiences have taught me to be the way I am with "friends". I live in my own happy world. I don't like clubs, parties and all that crazy stuff I stay away from all of that. A good time to me is hanging out with a couple of very good friends who I completely trust, go out to dinner, shopping and movies that's all the party I need. As I mentioned I live in my own world. I HATE people who talk about others. I stay away from people like that and i have a tendency of getting very upset when people talk nonsense about others even if it's someone I don't know. it's then when I say how I feel and its not a happy situation and I never talk to the person again. I like people who are respectful and honest, "respect & honesty" is extremely important to me, also caring, nice, sweet, kind, funny and who would like to see me happy because with me HONESTLY what you give is what you get

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