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ME FASHION AGENCY is one of the most prestigious modeling agency in New Delhi. As a Fashion Agency ME channelizes with the best Event management companies in around Delhi/NCR, & Professionals such as Photographers, Designers, Models, Videographers, Stylists, Make Up Artists, Dance troops, DJâ??s, Stage, Sound & Light groups etc. We cater to an entire forum of audience that is interested with Fashion & Life Style. â??â??â??â??â??â?? Our Functions ? â??â??â??â??â??â?? â??ME Fashion Agency works on very simple and easy methods of workmanship. â??The organization is HR lead prominently that follows a rigorous path of workload. â??Every face registered with ME Fashion Agency has been devoted with a code. â??â??CODEâ??- numerical digits for a particular face profile. â??According to the advert by the client, ME Fashion Agency would send you across profiles with code #. â??On selection of particular code numbers for the event purpose we would then disclose the complete updated profile to you. â??Once the Faces or Profiles has been selected as per requirement for a particular event our HR team would make necessary duties to carry forward the entire deal. â??There would be an economical fee involved with any business transaction done through ME Fashion Agency. â??The HR would be the first contact for any given questionnaire by the client. The closure of the entire deal would be carried by the HR team in terms of payments, event details, benefits, Coverage, facilities etc. â??Every possible conversation or verbal verse shall be documented and saved as evidence to a proper business association. Thanks & Regards, ME Fashion Agency (find ME in fashion) For more details feel free to contact us mefashionagency@gmail.com

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