Starting with what I really love is my chosen field of Photography. Photography is not just about capturing photos, but it's much more than that. A vast creative field where your pictures speak and spread the message of oneness with people and/or nature. For me, Photography is not possible if your mind isn't in a blissful state. When mind is calm, a photographer's eye can see far many things in a composition than a normal eye. Whenever I shoot, be it Fashion, Nature, Candid etc, I release all the worries and troubles from mind and trust me, this actually works in making a better quality image. And thus, keeping this in mind, I founded Euphoria Moments which is just an expression of my soul, which I wish to share with you all. Other than that, I also am blessed in skills of writing fiction and short stories, where I can jot down the unspoken words of my heart. This is Ansh Jaisinghani and welcome to my world. "I am an euphorian! Are you??"

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