Welcome to my World... Many Blessings to you BIO- Shadawn Cashaye is originally from Jamaica Queens, NY; Granddaughter of Richard Travis & The Bondervilles band he song the blues and jazz. Her voice had been heard by many but her first break was at the age of 17 by Eddie King who had sent her to Hardee's 25th anniversary located in Orlando Florida's Merraiot World Center to perform for their franchise and corporate owners; meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger and his lovely wife and daughter, and Chubby Checker (recording artist). Shortly after Shadawn found herself still struggling with her music so she turned her life over to corporate for 13years...finding herself working for top fortune 500 companies such as -ADT (SECURITY SYSTEMS), MCI WORLD COM, AT&T And NATIONWIDE CREDIT TO COLLECT FOR BANKS ALL OVER THE WORLD. In October 2006 Shadawn Cashaye became Co-Editor/Media press for a growing publications called H.E.M.P. HIP MAGAZINE (Helping Every Musician Progress) allowing her talents to flow once again by dealing with fashion, t.v. production, media press & meeting different artists such as -B.O.B. BOB, ALPHA MEGA, GRAND HUSTLE, C.T.E., RAY HAMILTON, JOHN STRINGER, CATHY GATES, DJ KAHLED, BLOOD RAW, RAY HAMILTON'S L.O.D. RECORD POOL, JOHN B., RICK ROSS, TNA (TATTED UP), SID FOR "HALO" THE VIDEO GAME, HEIDI FLY (ROCK ARTIST), HILLSIDE MANOR (ROCK BAND), FUTURE PRODUCTIONS (ONE OF KEISHA COLE'S PRODUCERS), CLIFF LAVETTE (LAFACE RECORDS) TAKING HER TO HER FIRST LIVE ORCHESTRA EVENT..(LAWYER OF USHER & MANY MORE ARTISTS& UNSIGNED ARTISTS. When that chapter in her life slowed down she was able to start a new one by tapping into the modeling side of her self. Now shooting with photographers all over the world such as - SHINOBI MUHAMMAD ( URBAN MAINSTREAM MAGAZINE), , LIFE PHOTOS LA'SHE MAGAZINE) Shadawn Cashaye's goal is to be signed by either UNIVERSAL RECORDS of NY, INTERSCOPE RECORDS of CA, or DEF JAM RECORDS of GA. Shadawn Cashaye is now living out her gifts& talents given to her by the one and only Magnificent God above. Edit Basic Info