Beatriz Garcia Luque Composer, Poet and Model Photography Beatriz Garcia Luque is a native of Cordoba Andalusia Spain, was born on November 12, 1982 and since childhood has been linked to the world of photography to model photography. their parents are Antonio Jose and Mercedes Luque is normal family is not world famous nor popular but has a grandfather who is engaged to be funny to people telling jokes is also not known if he wanted from more young could see presented at the TV as comedian in the program of Jesus Quintero and aunt Loli as Marilo With Pepe Valentino Humor Radio Five Star Comedy Duo duffle were Over the Years After they left Jokes you came To Low to no are the only family there are artists. artist From Very Young At age 9, Beatriz began his photography career as a model she never had the opportunity to make themselves known to no is not famous. Years passed and they decided provar luck in the world of music and literature songwriter and poet is currently dedicated to it. Also one of his greatest dreams would engage the world of music to be a singer.