18 years back i started out as a fashion photographer and then in a few years got bored with the routine - now i do wildlife and travel shows as a director and cinematographer - but the love for the camera remains .... These days i shoot stills only for passion and my passion is art erotic and themes that challenge the imagination other than of course wildlife .... Since i am a cinematographer too a seriously good model who becomes a muse can expect short films and video showreels too from me if she so desires .... I do not charge money from my models even if they want just a portfolio shot - the idea is that they and the idea must inspire me to do it - i make enough from my travel and wildlife shows to live happily ... My Facebook profile is pretty detailed and i guess you can check that out too ... http://www.facebook.com/CSChatterjee The idea is to take some photographs that will be in the model and my portfolio for years to come. And People .. please message in with ur comments/ thoughts - i will always welcome them and reply ....

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