I was eight years old when I took the camera in my hand. I was wondering what this piece of metal and glass can do and my first shot from Asahi Pentax KX Black said it all. Then started my journey to explore photography from analog to digital cameras. In my 20 years of journey I came across different kinds of cameras and film cartridges in which I used to experiment my photography with different apertures and exposures. I was fond of mixing 2-3 negatives and the result was the gateway to learning Adobe Photoshop. My knowledge grew by reading photography magazines and browsing about cameras. I have tried my hands on various genres of photography like nature, landscape, portraits, product, portfolios, wedding candid, kids, motion blur, sports, events, automobile, calendar and corporate photography. While photography was my passion, graphic designing was my profession for few years. Today I have advanced myself from still photography to motion photography and I have added few award winning short films in to my basket. This passion will continue to grow as a profession with the dedication till the end.

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