A wish to click a big click made Ashish Kumar a Photographer, He founded a production studio in 2010 with the name of Mind Twister Films. Ashish is now working on various international trends, techniques and lightings not only in photography but also in 2D, 3D, VFX, Infomercials, Films & Productions at his studio(Mind Twister Films) at Delhi. He strives towards making his mark in the international market considering the fact that Fashion & Production works in India is growing rapidly with various national as wel as international brands/designers coming to India. Brought into existence in 2010, Mind Twister Films has carved out a distinct niche for itself within a very short span of time. As an integrated animation and production studio, it has left an indelible mark on the mind of its clientele, spread across the entire length and breadth of the world. Headquartered in New Delhi, the company embarked on its eventful journey with an aspiration to bring about a revolution in the arena of global entertainment, marketing and films with the use of most advanced animation and other media features. Mind Twister Films boasts of having its expertise in various media segments â?? ranging from the fashion industry to Indian film industry to television. Its production studio recognized for its extensive work across multiple genres including factual programming, documentaries, photography, reality, drama, sports, lifestyle and childrenâ??s entertainment. Excellence is what the company is best at delivering. Mind Twister Films provides a comprehensive suite of following services. Info-commercials: The phenomenon that had its origin in the United States has now taken the entire world by storm. We have achieved great expertise in providing our esteemed clients with an impressive range of long form Info-commercials to short form Info-commercials customized according to the need and requirement of the clients. Photography/Stills: We deliver a wide range of photography services starting from modeling portfolio to editorials to commercials and much more with our best creative team. 2D Animation & 3D Animation: Animation has come a long way from traditional methods to digital animation coupled with numerous other techniques available in between. In addition to Infomercials, we are also known for our impeccable craftsmanship in the arena of 2D Animation & 3D Animation. We produce 2D Animation and 3D Animation for Films, TV serials, Commercials, Arcitectural Walkthrough & Interactive Programming. Animatics: Mind Twister Films is a full-fledged studio offering sensationally affordable animatic services to clients. We possess exemplary competence to provide our valuable clients with the most detailed and picturesquely make-believe environment through animatic. Storyboards: In our unwavering quest to deliver world-class digital services, we have included storyboarding in our portfolio as well. Our unique storyboards help clients pre-visualize a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence. Pre-production and Production work: We are also engaged in smoothing out the Pre-production and Production process for our clients. We will be working on your project from conceptualization to execution. Our unceasing commitment has made us one of the most sought-after destinations in the ever evolving world of animation. Portraits: Our expert team is competent enough to flow clientsâ?? visual dreams into reality. With our unsurpassable skills and advanced techniques we draw convincing portraits of the characters clients have dreamed of. We draw the size, shape and appearance of the characters clients require for print and television advertisements. Visual Effects: We offer our clients breathtakingly exciting Visual effect services which look like the perfect representation of a real-world object. Over the months, we have achieved expertise in providing quality Visual effect services to a broad set of independent producers and directors of print and television commercials. Mind Twister Films strives hard to deliver projects within stipulated timeframes. It never lags behind when it comes to deliver excellence and meeting the deadlines. We have lent our helping hands in the making world-class commercials that arrest the attention of all age groups and deliver the message the advertiser wants to get across. Our commercials exude excellence and panache. As projected in our Show real we have our tentacles spread across a wide range of promotional creativity and we leave no stone unturned to match the concept of the commercial perfectly to the product and the targeted audience. Our experienced film makers have rich experience in their area of expertise. They have earned a name for themselves and our clients who have worked with them speak highly of the commercials our supremely talented film makers have provided them with. At Mind Twister Films, we aim to provide top-notch commercial to our esteemed clients â?? commercials that leave an indelible mark on the mind of our clients and make the product or service prominent and stand out from the crowd. We have great value for our client's opinion and feedback. As a premier studio, a production house, an editing suite, Mind Twister Films is not just another company it is the face of NEW AGE ENTERTAINMENT that lets you flow your creative dreams a reality. Mind Twister Films : Creativity at its best.

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