Abdul Rasul Stationwala: A Profile â??The instant I saw my image emerge onto paper into the developer tray, it was like magicâ?? With this awe-inspiring thought, Abdulâ??s journey began in the year 2007 from a simple studio, to the horizon of most contemporary photography. Abdul Rasul Stationwalaâ??s projects explore themes of fashion photography, candid wedding photography, commercial and print photography. Meant to push him on both creative and technical levels, each series explores a visual approach and expands Abdulâ??s personal vision. His projects are a collaborative effort of a large network of artists, stylists and designers. Enigmatic representation of beauty, interesting use of light, abstract visualization, with a range of styles and techniques, all of it put together makes Abdul continually grow and evolve into an inspiring force of creative discoveries.

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