Born in the cultural capital of Kerala. He pursued his degree in Animation and Visual Effects from I-CAT, Chennai. After degree worked in a vfx production company in Chennai, After a year of working experience, came back to Kochi and took a Diploma in Film Making from Westford Institute Of Film Technology. Currently working as a Indepentend Editor, Director and vfx artist. FILMOGRAPHY: Louisinte Annakutty Short Film (2013) - Screenplay, Direction, Editing Do or Die Short Film (2013) - Cinematography Gorillaz Music Video (2013) - Editing, Vfx Behind Short Film (2013) - Editing Abortion is a crime Awareness AD (2013) - Direction, Editing Give organ give life Awareness AD (2013) - Direction, Editing Year 2022 Short Film (2013) - Editing Un Ninaivil Music Video (2014) - Cinematography, Editing Theeram Music Video (2013) - Direction, Cinematography, Editing A Braille Letter Short Film (2013) - Editing Death Short Film (2013) - Editing Only For You Short Film (2014) - Cinematography, Editing Corridor Short Film (2014) - Cinematography, Editing The Last One Short Film (2014) - Screenplay, Direction, Editing, Vfx Theeye Music Video (2016) - Direction, Editing, Vfx Kaaval - Guard Short Film (2016) - Story, Screenplay, Direction, Editing Nirnayam (2017) - Cinematographer, Editor, Vfx & Colorist