Rapper Grandy(also an Int.FIDE rated Chess player) is one of the most successful independent hip-hop artiste of India.Rapper Grandy stepped in music industry in 2009 but it was in 2013 when he came into spotlight with his continuous Bhangra drops . His one of the song-BOLIYAAN was featured in a U.K based movie-CATCH OF THE DAY produced by ACID-BATH PRODUCTIONS. The artiste is continuously droppin singles and is collaborating with many artists around the world. The artist is presently working on his album which he has already announced to the biggest ever music album of ASIA.The artist has also performed in a number of concerts/gigs/private parties/nightclubs and has worked with many music-directors around the globe. In short- Blessed with strong lyrical content and high energy vocals he can make jive anyone anywhere .

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