Hey, this is bubbly here :) I am from Durgapur and I have graduated in Engineering from my home town. I am 24 and I am studying to get a good job in Goverment sector. Besides those, I learnt singing from my guru for almost 14 years. I love to dream and want them to be true once. I like to talk to others and to myself too. I want to see myself as a show host in a big reality show. I had some stage performances as a singer, actor and show host. I am confident of myself that if I work hard and concentrate on what I do, I can bring the best of anything. My parents always encourage me to do every sort of positive activities and they are very liberal too. I am highly inspired by my mom. I accepted my parents as my God as I can see them since my childhood. Painting is one of my hobbies and I love to experiment with painting. I design my clothes too. Lastly, I always believe if I follow someone great in my heart I will be guided through the right path.

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